Maksim Komaro

Maksim Komaro has worked as a circus artist with contemporary circus companies such as Compagnie Jérôme Thomas in France and Gandini Juggling Project in England.

He has given workshops in many of the most prolific circus schools in Europe, such as Centre National des Arts du Cirque in France, Circus Space in London and CirkusPiloterna in Sweden.

Besides working with Peapot he also runs contemporary circus company Circo Aereo.

Together with Ville Walo he organises 5-3-1 Festival of New Juggling.

In year 2003 he was awarded with a 5-year artist grant from the Finnish government.

Joonas Rissanen

Joonas Rissanen is an Art Director who works for Channel 4 Finland. He has also directed several television programs and company commercials. His work has been seen on national TV channels in Finland, UK, Germany, US etc. He has 15 years experience of TV work. Joonas has done several promo tapes and web sites for different kinds of artists. Joonas has been juggling for about ten years and practiced magic for five years. After the first Peapot Video he was called Mr. Production, but since everything has taken so long, the guys now call him Mr. No Production.

About Peapot

Peapot Video is a small production house for circus videos. Formed in 1999 by three young artists from Finland, Peapot’s mission is to provide top quality innovation, exploration, and documentation of cross form circus disciplines, centering on the field of object manipulation. Peapot’s fresh approach to visual tutorials puts the fun back into learning new skills and awakens the imagination.

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